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Introduction Auditing Course

We present the international auditing standards that have been approved to be applicable in Saudi Arabia effective 1 - the framework of the review process and its components and relations between the Muslims and the standards and objectives and procedures for the review process 2 - Responsibilities of the auditor, his qualifications, his expertise, his team of work, his experts' assistance and the penalties he is subjected to in cases of failure specified by the system. 3 - stages of the process of planning and implementation of the planning process. 4 - How to study the internal control systems of the facilities and the tests that are done to detect weaknesses and deal with each case. 5 - the interpretation of the evidence of the review and types and the adequacy and adequacy to issue the report and the importance of the references for the adoption of the issuance of his report. 6 - Types of reports issued by the references and elements of each report and its uses and models 7 - Types of samples used by the auditor in the performance of the review process and methods for determining the sample size and tests for each type. 8 - Operating systems used in establishments that use the computer and the types of control the difference between each system.

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Auditing Planning Part One

Auditing Planning Part One


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